As a movie critic in San Diego, I always try to post when I see an autograph scene in a movie. By now, I'm sure everyone has seen 42, the film about Jackie Robinson. There are a few autograph scenes in that, but the best one involves him tossing a baseball out to a kid while his train is taking off.

In my hotel in Las Vegas last week for CinemaCon, there was a Clorox commercial that dealt with an autograph. This middle-aged man had taken his kids to see a popular boy band. They're outside the venue, a lot of screaming teenage girls, and the fictional band comes out to screams and applause. The singer of the band signed a few autographs, and grabs the belly of this man (who obviously doesn't care about the band), and he signs his shirt with black Sharpie. The narration of the commercial says something along the lines of "Was your shirt autographed against your will?"

And it was Clorox that got the signature out.

Now, I've always hated signatures on shirts. I've gotten a few over the years, makes me never want to wear the shirt again. I don't want it rubbing off, I won't wash the shirt, etc.

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