Whats up guys...its been a while since I put up a thread but recently I have noticed this with some discussions with some fellow members and collectors as well in the collecting community that items have been turned away by TPA' of course I am not an authenticator...but is it fair to say that because of inconsistency in celebs that TPA's simply turn them down because the auto IS NOT PERFECT...or on the other hand just awful and it passes...I have noticed this recently on things that have failed when I was certain on them being authentic...You guys may or may not remember I purchased a Roger Waters signed photo and it Failed JSA and Quick Opinion from PSA which I was pretty certain was good and was also pretty certain was well from other collectors who collect rock items in its just going to sit in my closet rotting away to be later exposed as an informational item to be used for side by side comparison...But more importantly I have seen items pass and fail to me that is quite mind boggling...

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This is my Waters that failed PSA Quick Opinion and JSA

I think this sig is legit. Roger been signing up a storm. Looks pretty close to mine.

Thanks I said I was pretty damn sure it was good but since I know little to nothing I wanted to get it are now the 3rd collector that says thumbs up to my Waters signed photo...I wish I knew for certain...

Thanks Mike...I know you have got him in person and yes he is still a pretty popular signer in NYC but I just don't got it in me to wait for him in this heat...I respect your opinion on this subject greatly...thanks bro...I actually purchased this from Germany...I still hope its good...I really believe it as and also like I said before I questioned it I felt it was good because of certain characteristics...

Not quite sure why this passed but this is the most god awful Alex Rodriguez I have ever seen...this is certed by PSA/DNA # K00221

Here are 3 examples of IN PERSON Alex Rodriguez autographs I got and not a single one of them look alike...

Here is the one that quick opinion from PSA said was no good but looks almost exactly like the one I got on my card...what do you guys think ?


CEE, that top signature has no fluidity to it at all.  I am not surprised at the different styles with Arod, it is consistent with his personality.  but that last one that you got in person, while obviously legit, is not authenticatable in my opinion.

I hear you Terrier...I never get anything I got in person authenticated because I don't need any TPA telling me its good when I was a foot away from Alex getting it signed...although extremely rushed and pretty sloppy compared to the other 2 sit down autos...this also was the reason my local shop didn't want it either because they also knew it had the possibility of failing...Not that my shop didn't believe me because I gave been dealing with them for well over 15 years but for the piece of mind for the next novice they didn't want it...but its in a good collectors home now as I gave it to a fellow member also on has 3 other autos on there including a drunk CC Sebathia coming out of Madison Square Garden...boy was he smashed...

Dude i love that piece so much!! Thank you thank you thank you for it!! Its right above my desk and I look at it everyday and love it.  Its a great token of our friendship!

Great thread CEE GEE I have a Walter Payton signed hat that was quick opinioned by PAAS as not legit well when I got back with the seller and told him he was furious and told me that guy does not know what he is talking about and said I have proof ! He pulled out a photo of him and his son's posing with Walter and getting their hats signed by him, turn's out they did business together with Walter at his construction company and he was more than willing to refund my purchase but after seeing the proof and feeling good about the signature I have since kept it and said screw PAAS opinion !


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