Just wondering what you all think about this David Bowie currently on eBay. I'm not looking to purchase, just thought the price seemed somewhat low if it is authentic.


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Thanks, Eric! Seemed sketchy enough.

Hi Morgane, no problem. Did you see some of his other "amazing" Buy It Now offerings?

Hi, Eric!

Yeah, I started looking through his other stuff which seemed a bit off to say the least. The autograph I posted had some sketchiness about the back story too. I wasn't entirely sure the autograph itself was all bad though, particularly as the numbers seemed similar to ones Andy has posted online, but clearly I need to keep reviewing exemplars. Lol

anyway at 400$ for a cut way to much buy an album or photo much nicer for alittle more

I'm honestly surprised. I saw this signature earlier and thought it was real, but Eric is MUCH better then me.

Yes, "o" is a bit strange, just like the "B" loop, but the others looks right. If fake then I just have to say that 87 is pretty good attempt in my opition.

I can not say anything about other stuff what seller sells as I do not know those signatures.

Hi Sara, I just looked at more 1982-1987 exemplars and it is true there is much variation in that period - a period which is not my strongest to be sure. This does have a good appearance overall, the paraph is odd and some small things, but something makes me wary - some oddities are found when looking at the mid '80's exemplars but I do not see them in this combination frequently enough to make me comfortable buying, selling or recommending this signature.

Hi Eric!

1982-89 are my most beloved as you know so I am trying to focus on this era but it is also period with most style changes as you said.

But when I look at numbers - they are very typical for David, 7 is wrote by left-handed for sure... I can be very wrong but in this case I'd bet on originality.

I am curious, maybe Mark would tell his opition too.

I have rescinded my original reply. This is more Mark's area of course, and I prefer to leave it I have above - simply not for me. I would be interested to hear opinions on his other IP autographs such as the Harrison, Robin Williams or Ian McKellen at those very low Buy It Now prices.

As I was ultra curious I asked Andy and his reply is good fake. So you was right and I am wrong with this one :-) At least I can study this piece which makes me worry how good some fakes are. 

Sorry to be late to the party.

Without looking into the sellers sales history etc, this was tough as I immediately thought fake - then compared it against genuine 87's and some either side (86/88) and I see various hybrids of this ebay one from those other years...

It's certainly one of the better fakes I have seen - thankfully as pointed out above there are some giveaways that would prevent an AML member from being prevented from buying this, if they were in the market.

Then there is their history to further confirm things. Well done everyone!

Wow, I have to learn a lot about 87 yet. :-) 

I'm glad it is at least a better fake as I was sort of drawn in by the numbers when I compared it to others from the 80s. Fortunately the seller and the other information around it seemed sketchy enough to be a deterrent. :)



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