I need help. I have this 93 jordan auto. 50/50 with opinions from experts and can’t get an answer going one solid way. Anyone have any experience? Thanks! 

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These are terrible forgeries, no expert would say they were authentic.

Like a lot of collectors my age, I've studied Jordan pretty extensively since the late 1980s.

These are Jordan short-hand signatures that he signed somewhere around 1993 or 1994. These shorthand signatures spook a lot of people who don't have a lot of MJ experience because they're so far out of the norm, especially considering the consistency of his Upper Deck items. 

I'm tempted to say these are both likely genuine, but each does have one inconsistency that gives me pause. If submitted for professional authentication, I would estimate about a 70 percent chance of them coming back as authentic. 

As far as MJ signed cards, he rarely signs them unless you go to his basketball camp. The majority of authentic Jordan signed cards are exclusively licensed to that brand of card. Jordan has an exclusive deal with Upper Deck that does not include signed cards from packs. 

I was burnt by a fake Jordan years ago and also researched the matter.

If it helps, Nick, some of the very best in the business have been burned by bad Jordans, including the major authenticators. The fakes are getting more and more sophisticated, including fake PSA and UDA items.

One of my big regrets is selling an MJ signed golf program that was in this shorthand style. It was PSA/DNA'd. I sold it for too little a few years before the documentary came out and quadrupled the price of MJ pieces. I rarely regret the stuff I've bought -- but really regret selling the stuff I've sold. 

Yes! And actually this is the same card! Just one pic is reversed. This was a popular style he used from 1989-1994. Multiple experienced people that have authentication experience have said about the same thing you are saying here. It’s atypical, but the m, the flow, the consistency and pressure are all there. I seriously appreciate an educated response. This is what I was looking for! 



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