Has anyone received their book , or received shipping confirmation?

Genesis claimed late February or early March.

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Ok sorry guys.  I was mistaken on this.  My wife ordered the Jeff Beck book from them and it arrived very quickly.  The Anthology book is pending like everyone else’s and I received an email suggesting that it will not be arriving anytime soon.  I apologize for misleading you and will wait until I have it in hand before I post next time.

Still waiting on 2 that I ordered.

Still waiting on mine and no notice  Hope the removed an old address they had.  When I ordered my Ringo book they shipped it to an address I hadn't lived in for over 10 yrs.  They owned up and sent me another one with a higher number of course.  So somebody at the old address stole the book...Like to cut their hands off.

Yep, I received the same email today. Someone earlier said they were expecting their book through FedEx or so, could this be right?

I got the same email just a bit ago. While I can understand the current delay reason, I’m frustrated that it has even reached this point, since we should have gotten them around Christmas to begin with.

I give you folks a lot of credit for your patience and reverence for Jimmy Page. Considering how this is being handled, I am glad I am not a big fan of his.

Yeah, this is really getting ridiculous. I paid over $500 last July. The money was taken immediately from my credit card which means those people have been using it or collecting interest for almost 1 full year. 

Now, if someone were to purchase the book today, it would be 100 pounds more than what we paid last year. And we are getting another 100 pounds off of a purchase by the end of the year which is also nice, but I am not sure if I will be buying anything else from Genesis publications.

I know its a different playing field, but I ordered a Gordon Lightfoot signed CD thru Newbury Comics 4 days ago (for 16 bucks) and got it today.  And its very nice!  

I got the same email guys .calling thwm

tomorrow and asking for a not have got to this point!!

I just emailed them, they won’t see it to tomorrow, but I told them I want a refund

if no response from them I am calling my CC CO tomorrow and starting a charge back 

they sent a email apologizing and offer a discount on future purchases, that set me off, do that the right thing and offer a partial refund , not future purchases which cost them nothing , after this I wonder how many people will still buy from them, not me 

I’m calling them

in the morning for sure



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