Hi all,

Would very much appreciate your thoughts on this set.

The George isn't correct, maybe a Neil Aspinall? Not 100% sure about Ringo.

The John and Paul I think are ok?

Interestingly, the person who got them believed George and Ringo were real and Paul and John manager signatures.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


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None of them look good to me. 

Thanks Mark. All Aspinall perhaps?

I think the John is good. Paul could be but a question mark on this . Ringo and George Aspinall.

Thanks Spaceman....bit of a toughie.

The George is definitely Aspinall.

Ringo doesn't look like Aspinall to me but has a couple things atypical about it like the space in R-i and the o. Might be good still?

John and Paul look good to me.

Thanks Conker

George & Ringo are done by Aspinall...Lennon looks OK to me. The Paul...I've seen a few Paul's from '63 with the loops in his last name...

Hi Jim, thanks for replying. I've also had someone from Bonhams tell me the John and Paul are good, and the others by Aspinall.

Thanks for the help.

Paul and John look right.



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