I've been cleaning out my music room and have found items I forgot I had. This is a small 4" x 3" card pasted on white board with a picture of the Beatles circa 1962. I have taken 2 photos through my loupe to see the flow better. I can't remember it this card was printed as it looks like ink to me. Any thoughts.

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'Nuff said!! Thank you very much. Now in the 5¢ pile.

A bit scary really. The item featured would have fooled many of an unsuspecting Beatles collector. 

Agreed and there in lies the problem. It's done in ink and under the loupe it looks good. If you did not have access to a full bank of comparative signatures you could easily part with some hard earned cash thinking you'd done pretty well. So is this done using a plotter like machine?

Good work, Ballroom!!!

Thanks Jim, but I'm not entirely sure what to make of this. Ha ha.

BallroomDays67, would it be possible to get the contact details for the person selling the cut signatures. I'd really like to compare. Thanks in advance.

The cut signatures that I posted were offered for sale by a respected seller. What's odd is that the set in the OP includes "X"s under Paul's signature that aren't included in the cut signatures.

Do you believe the cuts could be copies? This is all starting to get too good and really makes me think collecting in the future will be too difficult...Especially on blank pages and cuts.

I agree, and do think the cuts could possibly be copies. 

Copying technology is now in its zenith. Currency, passports, documents, anything really. The financial gains to made out of Beatles autographs has never been better. You just have to find yourself a so called forensic expert to add some weight behind your product. No shortage of them out there. Especially on your side of the world.  



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