Ships in 12 weeks, around August 6th.  Signed by BOTH Beiber & Ariana.  Worth the risk for $5, who else wants to autopen gamble with me out there?  Was $32 for 4. 

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My bad, didn’t noticed that

this is most likely the case

yea my last email said they were delayed until september and i emailed them about a week ago for an update since it was getting late in the month and haven't heard anything back. 

We'll never get these and wont get refunds

This is a very interesting comment.

What about finding us good signed items from musicians selling autograph directly ? 

After all this subforum is "Musician-Direct Autograph Sales ", and not "Here I can complain about Bieber, Paypal, Recordstore, Lady Gaga and my gold fish"...

What are you trying to say....

All I stated was the delay for people waiting on Yummy is ridiculous. And then there's the Stuck on you versions with Ariana. Have they even posted any videos of them signing? Look at other artists pumping these out during covid with nothing else going on. 

They use us to boost sales and don't stick to their word.

Well, only Ariana has posted a video (on Instagram) of it, I believe Justin never talked about it since they went on sale, but yeah, they just used us so they could have a #1 At least I hope they actually donated the money to charity

I purchased my Nikki Minaj and Justin Bieber signed CDs from eBay, so I am thinking about cancelling my order, getting a refund, and then purchasing them when / IF they ever arrive.  I can't believe that the music studios are frauding consumers like this especially when TMZ is covering all of these celebs out and about partying and having fun. Using COVID as an excuse is total nonsense. 

I thought about that also but they charge you for the download so they don't care, It's now 7 months now for the Beiber yummy cds, they have our money what are you going to do

Report them to the state's attorney general's office for consumer fraud and false advertising.

Here's the deal folks, regardless of where you purchased these from, you ordered them in May and it is now October and you still have NOT received your item. To me, this is consumer fraud. Katy Perry just had a baby, but she managed to sign her "Smile" cds. In addition, Machine Gun Kelly signed his CDs as well.  I hate to say this, but people who bought this have been scammed in the name of charity. Justin Bieber announced on Twitter that all proceeds from this sell would be going to charity. The fans followed through on their part, but why didn't he and Ariana follow through on there's ?  Last, now if you request a refund, you'll look like a jerk because they will probably put you on a guilt trip by saying, " Don't you want to help out those in need ? "  

They also take the digital copy cost out of any refund... At least thats what they've done in the past. They make you wait longer than you can file a credit card claim as well so if they send autopen or fake trash you can't do anything about it. I got screwed on quite a few of these preorders, then I'm nervous to buy the ones that are legit. 


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