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Noice!! Thanks just got one 

Thank you. I am giving it a go. I like that she specifically stated it will be signed in gold which I wish more would use. That or the copper or silver sharpies.

Just bought one too! The gold detail was really nice of her, but I guess it was a little bit of an obvious choice since the cover is in dark tones.

So were the last 2 Lamb of God albums but they still signed in black and you can barely tell they are signed.

That's the problem with dark covers and black signatures. I just don't understand why to sign them in black sharpies, it doesn't make sense

Yup basically

So I got this and as someone else said in another thread the album did not come signed. Had a cheap insert which was. I made contact through the website about sending it back but didn't get a response. So I made a paypal claim explaining that they pulled a bait and switch and that I was wiling to return but they needed to send a call tag (prepaid mailer) because I was not paying to ship it back. Anyways I never heard back but was refunded this morning. So I guess I got a freebie although I would have preferred to get what I actually ordered.

Good to hear. I will do the same. 

I had them send another replacement insert because it was creased. I bitched them out as well about the bait and switch. Typical blame...oh production delays caused the jackets not to be able to be there. 

You know that is a load of BS. Anyone who collects records knows at this time getting the vinyl pressed itself is the delay. Getting the jackets made up is not. And besides all of that they had plenty of time to let everyone know they were not getting what they ordered before just sending these out. And it isn't like these were sold at fair market right now. They were $40 and could have been made and sold for a lot less and still have been profitable. So they had ample time to get a second jacket made up and signed for those that were sold if they wanted too. And it really wouldn't have hurt their bottom line.

Just received my copy today. At least my digipack came signed and I didn’t get a signed insert, but the signature is a little bit vanished, it seems that she signed with a regular gold pen instead of a permanent marker. 



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