Your help on this Krist would be much appreciated! Real or fake?


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He has such a simple autograph, it is very hard to tell. The one here looks very similar to mine that I received through the mail.

By the way, he is a very good signed through the mail and that would be an excellent present to someone since Krist personalizes. The problem is, it takes a long time to respond (about 6-7 months).

Thank you Todor, much appreciated!

The TTM alternative had been great, but unfortunally I only have a month until I need to have this...

Thank you Tim! I’ve gotten some positive replies on RACC too, so this may got a chance!

I'll lean towards authentic

Is this a promo card?

Thanks goodcat! No, it’s a sticker that he sometimes sends out TTM, according to another collector at RACC.

ya that's kinda what I was getting at

Pretty sure this is authentic then... good to go mate

Sounds good!

He sent me the same sticker, but it wasn't signed. 

Ok, thanks for letting me know.

Chris is a gracious signer and loves his fans

This sucka is real

Buy it for your friend and if it's proven fake I'll give you what you paid for it my brutha

Haha, thank you my gangsta brother... ;-)

I just bought it, think it’s real too!

cheers mate :)


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