Been hanging on my wall for many years. Your opinions on its authenticity are greatly appreciated. Thank you

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The Stan looks good, the Oliver doesn’t in my opinion.

At first glance they look ok. At least the Hardy doesn't resemble any stamps I 've seen.

Where did it come from. This is always an important question when evaluating an autograph. 

Thanks Michael. Bought the item from someone in America in 2002 via eBay. Got a nice handwritten two page letter explaining that history of the autographs. Had been in their family many years. The one piece of comfort that I have is that I acquired it before forgeries in general became rife on selling websites. The hardy signature is in fountain pen by the look of it. Thanks

How long have you had it?

Can you tell if the hardy is fountain pen. See if you can see nib outlines.

How much did you pay?

Hello Michael I bought it in 2002. From memory I paid about £250 for it. Can't tell for sure if fountain pen but that's my hunch. Here is a close up of Oliver Hardy signature. Thanks John


Not too sure on close up. Looks a bit too even. I would expect a bit of fading. It's hard to tell. Could be a facsimile.




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