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Looking for some honest opinions on this Layne Staley item.   I have several Alice in Chains items (like the Rampage)  that were signed in my presence,  but nothing with Layne.  I'm going to JSA to have them look at this eventually,  but this forum's opinion matters to me more.   I've been looking off and on for years and have done my fair share of comparisons.   I believe it looks right. 

My thoughts...the ink and it's fading seem very consistent with the other 3 signatures.   Jerry's signature looks consistent with his earlier versions, as compared to the more recent "G&L" version.   Why would someone take the chance of including "the man in the box" to complicate a forgery?  Would the rest of the band leave that large space open (possibly without William Duvall being there)  knowing someone could try and add Layne?

Thanks in advance!

This item kind of feel into my lap so I won't be devastated with negative opinions


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Unfortunately this one is no good 

It looks a bit too clean for Layne, in my opinion. Im leaning not real.

The yellow pickguard is all forgeries unfortunately.



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