Mariano Rivera Forgery eBay seller thejerzguy GA Global Authentics

Another horrific forgery "authenticated" by eBay preferred GA (Global Authentics, Steve Sipe). The "new and improved" GA has certified thousands of this BLATANTLY OBVIOUS Rivera forgery style. (Not to mention the Jeters, Puigs, Koufax, Lebrons, Luck, etc.)

This piece of trash is listed by eBay seller thejerzguy

Absolutely sickening that eBay PREFERS a 3rd party authenticator that blanket certs THOUSANDS of obvious forgeries. The autograph hobby is a joke, you can't trust anyone.

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I'm new but I found this site while googling fake ga and ace autographs.  The main reason reason I started looking into GA and Ace the local card guy (who puts on shows here in KC) is selling endless supplies of this junk at the monthly card show now on the website he created (for the past year)

Last month he did over 850 auctions and this current month 550 auctions...If you want to see a terrible site check out out

Welcome to AML Cody,

Those are some horrible forgeries on that site, my eyes are hurting after seeing some of that crap. Avoid ACE and GA like the plague. 

yeah the guy running the operation has been promoting card shows in KC for over 10 years and basically every month on his auction site he sells the same Lebron, Kobe, Jordan, Jeter jerseys month after month for the past year.

Just really sad so many people have been took advantage of and with the number of items the guy is selling he is raking it in

The more I learn about this industry the more I hate it. It's truly sickening what people are getting away with, and nothing is being done to stop it. 

Do you know the guys name by chance?

craig cook ( no relation lol)

he basically has a card show once every 2 months here in kc and even sells at the Royals fanfest..

It's almost the perfect crime you setup a website to cosign for other people and if people confront you about bad can just say I'm selling it for someone else..but this guy is doing so much of it and the same items over and over


I would recommend notifying your local police dept

I know something has to be done this guy is basically flooding the market especially the local area with bad stuff and the thing is...the people he is ripping off don't know better..and the people who do know better are his buddies he does the card shows with and think he is a great guy



one last interesting link...I just found this thread from another member a few months back..i think ties a lot of this together



Hey Cody, this is Craig.  First off I'm not sure who you are and why you are making all these false statements.  I don't appreciate all the lies and slandering of my name. 

The Sidney Crosby jersey on your home page is pretty brutal!  Good thing nobody bought it


It would only be slander if it wasn't true...nice work you did on the Net54 forums...Your company is a joke and everyone in town knows the crap you are pulling selling fakes.

If anyone wants a good laugh read this thread on net54 as Craig (or is allias Freddy) gets outed as a fraud



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