I note their Dark Shadows items appear to be fakes -

Thus, I would assume ALL are fakes. They all have a similar appearance.5 by 7 glossy. Seriously!?

Some of Whizzy's Moltke's are signed Alexandra I, the I being short for Isles. What a joke. I have never seen that before....just an attempt to try make people think it is current, new autograph style from her, but she doesn't sign like that. She is a classy woman and documentary filmmaker, not the type of person who would carelessly write an "Alexandra I." Then again, since they have not seen her sign Isles, they wouldn't know how to forge it.

I note that other Scammer kittiesrock11-8 also uploaded Moltke photos this morning. It could be coincidence, or kittiesrock11-8 may be an alias of whizzy1. Kitties does not do the 5 by 7's though - just 8 by 10's and (previously) signed 3 by 5 note cards. I guess the cheap index cards were supposed to add to air of legitimacy--that, or they were too greedy to pay to ship the counterfeit autographs in a larger size envelope (eroding their profits).

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