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Looks like Legit SPAM to me

Not spam.  Can't figure out how to post pic.  It's a signature on a BB.

Ok good.
Because when I opened it, I got a quick flash of a BB and then a whole page of garbage popped up.
Gave me a fright.
Carry on

Now that I correctly posted the picture , can someone identity the auto?  TIA

Brian Graham minor league ball player coach and manager, then a coach for Cleveland. 

Thanks for the help.  The only other sig I can make out is Matthew Hammonds. Ne1 know what team and year this might be?  TIA

Take more photos.

Matthew Hammonds is a prospect now.

Brian Graham was last affiliated with the Orioles as an executive, years ago.

Matt Hammons was a longtime minor league player for the Cubs, but no longer playing.

Seems as if you have a Minor League team signed ball, but two names won't help. Use the Magic Google Box.


Probably a mid to late 90's all star ball from the minors....lots of guys from different teams.

Randy Curtis, Shane Spencer, Matt Hammons, Brian Graham as manager  

thanks for all the help.


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