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Need Opinions on this Charlie Daniels signed bookplate

Let me start by saying I do not believe Premiere Collectibles did anything wrong here.  I purchased one of the Charlie Daniels signed books about six weeks ago.  I emailed them after a month asking about the delay. They indicated there were some issues on the other end that they were trying to work out.   

I finally received the book this week.  For some reason, the signature looks off to me.  I am concerned that the demand exceeded the supply, and with Charlie's recent passing, I am hoping that these are NOT proxy signatures.

I would appreciate comments from anyone that is familiar with his signature.  It looks like a good attempt, but seems to be lacking some of the critical characteristics, and the circumstances with the delay are concerning to me.

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here is one to compare, that I do believe is authentic, also from Premiere Collectibles but different bookplate:


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