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Let's reserve this thread for any non-musician signed books and other items, at least until a dedicated forum exits for those posts.

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When you add it to cart, it doesnt say signed in my cart. Anybody else have that issue?

In the final page before submitting payment it says “Hardcover (signed edition)” for me 

thanks, I see it but usually it is in the title as well as below it. 

thanks, hopefully not autopenned

Does he have a reputation for autopen, or just the same concern as everything?

Ya just that it hasn't sold out and the recent fiascos

BAM had these too. But by the time I decided last week it would be cool to pick up a copy, they were gone. Just noticed they're back.

Since my order didn't come out to $35 or more before tax and shipping, it didn't work for me, but should you buy one of these and spend a bit more than I did while you're at it, remember to punch this in at checkout for 15% off:



A few days ago, I realized Eventbrite put these up at some point, as well. And those also remain an option, if you're using a US address. They're US only. For at least my Stateside zip, BAM comes out significantly cheaper. But Eventbrite could still be worth a peek, anyone else is still after a copy right now, in case they happen to be cheaper for you--or if you're reading this after BAM sells out.


Just received my Neil deGrasse Tyson from Barnes and Noble, thoughts?

look on ebay, there are a lot on there and they all look eerily similar

That's his signature, and that's his favorite chiseled pen. 

Looks good to me.. I just compared about 10 that I saw on ebay and all have slight differences.

I just did the same and agree! 



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