Real or fake? Any opinions gratefully received.

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It’s a no from me.  The angle is wrong for David, who was left-handed, and there’s no year.  He would occasionally skip adding the year, if he was in a rush, but those examples are quite infrequent.

Thanks for your help

Very poor fake. He did sometimes sign at this angle, and he did skip the year occasionally, but this is not his signature. This placement is off and the form is a bad simulation - the "B" is way off and the paraph does not sit well. 

Thanks for your help Eric, there is another I'm about to post  I would value your opinion.

Most welcome. I just commented on it.

I do have a couple of upward-slanting signatures from David that are genuine, but, in my experience, those tended to occur on smaller items, like ticket stubs.  It usually came down to his angle of approach, or how he took hold of the item.  It would be highly unusual for him to sign a poster, like the one in the OP, at such an angle.

Here is an IP that I obtained at the recording of Later … with Jools Holland, at the BBC, in November 1995:

That must have been a wonderful experience.

One of many.  I saw David around 100 times, including quite a few television recordings.  I was in the studio audience for the BBC Radio Theatre show in 2000 and the A&E Live By Request special in 2002, amongst others.

Did you get to speak to him? I would know what to say if I had!

I was on first name terms with him.  I still remember the first time he called me by name without me offering the information first.  It came as a shock and a surprise because I never went out of my way to be noticed, particularly.  I’m not an extrovert.

Thinking too hard about what to ask is the mistake that most people make when meeting a personal hero.  I don’t think I ever asked David anything deep and meaningful about his past.  I wouldn’t have gotten a sensible answer, anyway.  I always kept it light, good-humoured, and current, as did he.

Thanks for your reply, thats a great thing to have had in your life, I have met some of my heroes and its not always a nice experience but he always sruck me as someone who had a great sense of humour and appreciation of his incredible talents. Wonderful  :)

Hi, no way. This is very bad fake.



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