Just came across this large display with a signed guitar and Best Of Lp. I don’t have a good pic of the signed guitar but apparently the Lp jacket was signed at the same time. No COA.  I’m not sure on this one but I’m leaning towards “not good”. Any opinions?

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I agree. The signature on the LP looks fake to me, and the one on the guitar doesn’t look promising.

Pathetic.....especially the guitar!!!

Thanks I thought as much.

Not authentic, IMO. Very bad. Not even close. 

It doesn't look legit to me, either. Where was this for sale? Where there's smoke...!

For sale in Toronto on Kijiji.

Pretty sad that the cost of that framing display is worth more than the autographs themselves.  The lengths that people will go to in order to "legitimize" an item is astounding !  That's a lot of expense and effort to put into pathetic forgeries...




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