hallo members is there a queen expert who would want to take a look  at this by all 4 members signed  queen poster   Iam curious what the opninions are   ciao

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Don't usually like Gold marker pen... But consider this extremely personal.. Anyway, they look good. Especially Brian and John match The 82-84 era. Mercury is
Sligtly shorter but ok for me.

That is good news Queencollector  well i think i got a great 2nd opnion   Thank u so much for u quick respons 

 saluti Hans 

This is real.
Good chance it was signed at a press conference or album signing. would explain the gold pen by all four and fast freddie. value always comes down to what anyone is willing to pay for it. its not a rare poster or the final album released by the band and there is a few posters signed at album signings floating around so id say if i were selling it i would ask for around $1000. had it been something the boys signed as a one off/ really rare thing for them to have signed i wouldve asked for more.

Luke and Queencollector   my thank is great   its nice to hear some possibile details

i could not think of myself...  iam pretty new with this       love this site  ciao




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