Im going to an autograph signing saturday where the player is only signing bottles of liquor. They don't have a label so the autograph would be on the bottle itself I'm guessing. what type of pen would be recommended for this or is a sharpie fine?

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I'm thinking probably just sharpie.  There's a good chance that if that's the only thing he's signing, they'll probably have it figured out which pen is most ideal by the time you get up there.

ballpoint, definitely ballpoint!

On a bottle without a label?

My sarcasm ...knows no bounds!

Ha, I thought maybe you weren't serious . . .

Ballpoint, geeze! what do you think i am rich? Im taking a quill and ink! duh. Seriously michaels art craft store helped me find the paint pen sharpies i tryed it on a bottle of jack daniels and it looked great. Should be a fun time, thanks for responding gang

Those are actually really good and dry surprisingly quickly.  Use the oil based ones.

Who is signing??

Ray Lewis, Got him on two tequilla bottles. I went with a purple paint sharpie came out nice!


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