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A bit of a story to this.
I was contacted by fellow member Erik Longo who said it was on ebay for the "Buy It Now" price of $125.
He confirmed it as very Legit along with authentication by Seamus.
So I snatched it up quickly.
I hope to hear of others inputs please.

This ticket also came in a package of items including...
an orchestra pass
concert program
XL polo shirt (sealed)

This concert was in 2002 at the Royal Albert Hall

And the 1st performance of this opera

if you take shirt out of package, are there and graphics, logos, etc?

Looks like the charity is Britain's version of Farm aid?

the red logo on the shirt is "Whip craic" Royal Albert Hall

I agree it looks like a farming charity event.

I don't know anything about this event.

This also marks the first public performance of a portion of Roger's Ca Ira - his Opera. Most special. He also performed Comfortably Numb and some others. Great contrast too. Program, orchestra pass, shirt in package...$125? No brainer. Happy to pass it along! 

Thank you kindly for your help and advices Erik.

Good score for sure

You're a lucky person - fully authentic and very reasonable price too,,,

thanks for the kind words.

I'm very happy with this purchase. Now I just need a nice promo photo and it will be ready for framing. 

PS... I was notified by the seller that the item has already been shipped... a bonus wow factor

A larger look at the ticket - click for big image:

Congrats on a cool item. With so many Waters circulating on eBay, I would definitley place a focus on either vintage or event specific signatures.

thanks brutha and I agree on looking for specific items as he is plastered all over ebay. No wonder he gets upset about signing at times.

This venue only holds about 5000 people - limited ticket I am sure :)



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