did anybody else get that ozzy signed litho email just now?

this is what it said:

"Thank you for preordering the Deluxe Vinyl of “Ordinary Man”! Your order is about to ship and you will receive tracking information soon.

Please note, your free Limited Edition Ordinary Man album lithograph may arrive in less than mint condition. It has traveled the long road from being hand-signed by Ozzy, meeting up with your vinyl, all the way to your door.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued support."

I responded right back to them and said..if this doesn't get to me in new/mint condition, it is going back and you are sending one that arrives to me in new/mint condition or i contest with my CC...I bought new items..not damaged items...they are trying to cover their own a**** over something they are not telling us about, imho..

I have gotten several signed lithos and NEVER have I gotten a BS  email like this, EVER..NOBODY DOES THAT!

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Been wondering as well, waiting on a few.

The signed CD with cassettes?

Sent March 9th


Thanks for contacting the Sony Music Store.

I do apologize, the release date has changed to on or around 03/27/2020. You will receive an email confirmation once the order is in transit. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.



Sony Music Store Customer Service

Well I can return my album to the Ozzie store. Of course I pay not only postage/insurance and a $5 restocking about $15-20 to return a $42 album...geeze...

If you need to make a return for a refund or an exchange, please return the product within 30 days of receipt following the Return/Exchange Instructions below. Please note that items returned for a refund will incur a $5 restocking fee.

Mail your return to:
Clique Here, Inc
C/O Ozzy Store Returns
801 Blacklawn Rd. SW
Conyers, GA 30012

They can shove that return process right up their arses! If they want my non signed LP returned they can pay my import charges of £13 pay my return postage of £15 and think themselves lucky I don’t sue them for fraud, stress caused and pain suffering! 

I agree. This is absolutely ridiculous!

Hate to be still "beating this horse" but,

Did anyone receive the signed CD as compensation ?  Just wondering as they offered it to me as well, but said it will come from the label with no tracking.  Sounded like they were washing their hands to this, with no guarantee ( no tracking) it will arrive.

Oh,  they also started the email "sorry to hear you were confused..."   Classic !

I was also offered a signed cd booklet - needless to say it hasn’t arrived.......

I ordered 2 signed softpack cds - these hadn’t arrived either..... I opened a PayPal case against them 2 days ago and received a $43 refund today  - a total waste of time and a disgrace Mr Osbourne! 

I was told today that the Signed Softpacks are shipping tomorrow. The softpack actually isn't signed, but they are including signed CD booklets.

I received 5 signed cd booklets to compensate for not receiving 2 lithos earlier this month. I also ordered 3 signed cds separately like you. How does the claimback work? They don’t still send you the item correct? 

i just opened the claimback 2 days ago, as i hadn't received them or a reply from the webstore, normal practice would be for them to reply on my paypal claim with the tracking details or update - they did neither and just sent me an instant refund - so i will assume they must have run out - giving them all away to cover the Litho Cock up by the sound of it!

Yes, I received the CDs shortly after I got the email offering them. No issues with those.



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