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I’ve never waited for Taylor signatures. She’s very “Type-A.” If I were a betting man, I’d say these are all signed already. They are just releasing them in batches. 

Unlike other artists who presell signatures before they have even attempted them (I’m looking at you Gaga) and then cancel the orders but used the presale to boost their album sales numbers. 

Have they gone again ? 


Bugger just the jade I'm after 

I’m sure they’ll be back up lol

Vinyl with signed photo back in stock 

I placed a FOMO order last night against my own better judgement. When I saw they were back on sale (along with the cds) this morning, I cancelled the order. I think Taylor and co. are milking the autograph market for all it is worth. I have an early signed vinyl which is enough for me, I really need to listen to my inner voice before hitting submit on these orders!

So not a true Taylor fan then .. just not worth the big $ you wanted 


Actually, I am a fan. I just dont like the marketing tactics being used. 

If something is supposedly limited and ells out overnight, it shouldnt come back for sale the very next day after selling out. That is deceitful. 

Sorry but it should not matter limited or not if you’re a true fan.

I’m having having one of everything Ed Sheeran ($1) or Taylor sign.. they are global icons signing everything they possibly can for fans.. kudos to them 

Good for you, Lester. Enjoy your hundreds of similar autographs from Taylor and Ed. Maybe you can apply at TS enterprises for the position of true fan gatekeeper? Im sure she appreciates your gate keeping all of us untrue fans buying merch out here in normal world. 



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