I bought this Taylor Swift self-titled album booklet off eBay. I only ever buy autographs from official sources, such as the artist's website or bookstores. This is my first time buying off of eBay and just want to be sure. It has a PSA booklet, which I know is an authentication service, but I don't know much about it. I doubled checked the certification number on the PSA website and it showed a photo that matched the signature in the listing.

I paid $450ish after tax. I think this is a fair price for a self-titled 2006 era signature, but wanted to double check that as well.

Thank you for any help!

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psa is the worst ever. got another one wrong in my opinion but see what others think . i’m no taylor swift  expert 

seems off to me.  The new PSA has a lot of issues

Thanks for your reply! What makes you think it looks off? Thank you for your help!

it just does to my eyes anyway.  Here are 4 official ones from her webiste to compare with

Thanks for your input! I've noticed that her signature has evolved from 2006 to the 2020s. For example, she used to sign her last name in 2006/2007 when she was just starting out vs just signing "Taylor" like she does now. Good to know that PSA isn't as reliable as it used to be though. I'm personally leaning towards authentic since it matches her 2006 style, but I appreciate everyone's thoughts!

Hello.  This signature is actually good and is her early career era Big Machine label autograph.  I personally love these early signed self-titled CD’s, with this signature style.  Don’t return it.  Enjoy!

Thank you! I think everyone is thinking of her Folklore/Evermore/Taylor's Version signatures so they're automatically calling this fake since it looks so different. I spent a couple hours today comparing this signature with other examples from 2006/2007 online before she stopped signing "Swift" as part of her signature. Taylor's early signatures are really difficult, but I think I'm going to keep this! I think the eBay seller is a reseller vs the original owner which is disappointing since I'd love to know the history behind it!

Currently, the two most dangerous Swift CD covers to attempt to buy with the hopes of them being genuine are “1989” and “Reputation” on the Big Machine label.  There are two eBay sellers on both the east and west coast who frequently list the “Reputation” CD over and over, for $500 by claiming that the signed CD’s came from a dancer on the “Reputation” tour.

I will keep an eye out for that, thank you! I plan to obtain one signature per era - just missing Fearless, Speak Now, and Reputation. I have the two 1989 signed lithos (9 faces and the concert one, both of which I bought from the official online store during the 1989 era). Red OG I bought in person at her concert. Lover, Folklore, Evermore, Red TV, Fearless TV, and Midnights I bought from her official online store.

Speak Now and perhaps Fearless OG shouldn't be too difficult (though pricey I'm sure), but I know Reputation is super rare. It seems like it's just limited to the lithographs from Japan(?) VIP boxes and maybe some lithographs sold in the US store shortly. 

There were 2 standard CD variations of “Fearless” sold via her original website before she merged her store with Universal/Republic.  The original Big Machine “Fearless” CD release also has an early era signature that begins to evolve and introduce the heart.  Lastly, the “Fearless” Platinum CD introduced her autograph style that remained consistent through the release of “Lover”.  “Reputation” was never sold as signed CD via her website.  Really the only way to get a signed “Reputation” CD was to either meet her in person or potentially acquire one (of the few) “Reputation “ CD slipcovers that she allegedly signed for promotional purposes.  The VIP “Reputation” boxes contained a smaller signed photo inside.  These signed photos were also given out to people who were selected to meet her back stage on the “Reputation” tour.  That’s great that you were able to buy the others via her store beginning with “Red” afterwards.  

Im sorry, but I dont think this is real. I would file not as described and get my money back if I were you.

I would like to see other examples of her "early career" signature style, as I have looked at many different styles of her signature over the years, and I just cannot see the similarities.  



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