A close personal friend had this signed in person and gave it to me for my birthday.  Just wanted opinions before I have JSA look at it.

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Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Tough call.  Maybe pay $10 to Beckett or JSA for a quick opinion before paying the full certification from any company?

PSA, quick opinion has to still be on eBay before purchase.   JSA isn’t doing it yet.

but it does look like Beckett will look at something even if you’ve already purchased it so thank you for the recommendation.

i’m actually on the way to local card show was thinking about bringing it to have a couple people take a look at it

Valid points, use Beckett.

The tough decision is Beckett  has said if I send it to them they’re going to pass it

it’s more convenient and less expensive for me just to bring at the JSA next weekend.   Hoping this Beckett quick review holds up.

I know you said it was signed in person....but I don’t like it. If it wasn’t witnessed by your friend I would pass on it.

I did the quick opinion with Beckett and they said it would pass authentication.

I will let JSA look at it in two weeks

showing them the report

the problem with Brady is that the TPA's do not have a good track record with authenticating his signature.  Just because a Brady has passed PSA, JSA or Beckett does not necessarily mean it is authentic. I have been studying Brady signatures for years, and have a few of my own. This one really has me on the fence.   I see some issues with it.

As I said I’d pass on it. Genuine Brady signatures are easy to find. No need to take any chances and get burned.

I have had this for four years.

it didn’t cost me anything was given as a gift.  

thanks for everyone’s opinions 



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