Hello everyone, I have found this signed Brady jersey on an auction sight. I know tristar is the most reliable for buying Brady autographs, however this jersey does have a COA through Mounted Memories with the sticker on both the jersey and the card. The card that has the hologram sticker attached to it also stats it belongs to a Tom Brady Authentic Jersey. Any thoughts on the autograph or opinions would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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I would not want this signature in my collection.

Ditto, it just doesnt look right, "B" area is really weird.

Looks to me like a combo of his 04 and most recent style.. Quite concerning

Zach what is your comments based on?

Are you an expert on Tom Brady signatures?

What certifications do you hold that qualifies you to make the comments you made.

Have you ever met Tom Brady?

Why don't you stipulate that you are offering an opinion and you DO NOT know for sure that Tom Brady did not sign said piece? 

This is a challenging one, just gave my OPINION...


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