U2 signed photographs..... what do you think about the authenticity?


I just found all these photos from a seller on ebay. At first glance i thought they looked good. But as i checked all the other signed photos he had for sale I thought they looked too good. Most of them signed perfectly and unrushed by whole band in a silver marker. Normally when things are too neat and perfect when it comes to autographs, my alarm bells starts ringing. And they did now.

Maybe I`m wrong...Maybe I`m right.  Anyway I thought I would post most of them here and see what you think. You can also check out the seller on ebay as he has a lot of signed items of other artists for sale:


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Yep, all signed in the same silver paint pen.  Multiple Larry Mullen's.  All the Bono's are perfectly signed.  And no explanantion as to how they pulled this off.  Alarm bells should be sounding.  I'll ask for some of the guys from the Eastlink page for their keener insight, but, to add the problems noted above, here is what I'm seeing.  If fake (which I think they are), these are better than your average U2 forgery. 

1) As noted, all of the Bono's are very nicely signed.  Unlikely if you are able to get multiple items signed.  In general, his signature can switch from a shorter slightly abridged one to the full, nice one from signature to signature.  Why is there NO variance on these?

2) Try getting Larry Mullen to sign just one item these days.  Let me know how it goes.

3) U2 just didn't seem to sign nearly as much on the 360 tour as they did on the Vertigo Tour.  Not incriminating.  Just a thought.

3) Whereas all the Bonos are neat, clean and full, the Edge signatures are his typical semi-rushed/in a crowd version.  Yet the "E" does not appear to be rushed, and the end of the signature is a bit off on all of them.  The little tornando is usually directly under the signature, not routinely to the right as we see here.  Looks like someone looked at one signature and kept mimicking it.  If he signed several items in a row, they likely wouldn't ALL look like that. 

4) The "Clayton" in Adam Clayton might possibly be the biggest misfire of them all, although hopefully some of my friends from Eastlink will verify that.  There's an odd "squiggle" on these Australian graphs in the middle of Clayton that is a pretty blatant red flag.  You just don't see that, let alone multiple times.


THOSE LOOK AMAZING if they are indeed fake.

For me the misfire is the Edge.  The space between the E and the D are too large.

I have an Adam Clatyon autograph that looks like the one on the drumhead....

Mark, thanks for your input.  I know you're busy, but if you get a chance sometime soon, please post a pic your Clayton.  The "squiggle" I'm seeing in the middle of Clayton is something I'm struggling to find in any authentic versions, yet it seems to be in these ones on Ebay.

I'll post on the Eastlink FB page and see if we can draw in any thoughts.

I was thinking of checking Interference for any info on whether the band actually signed that day, but I'm thinking it's irrelevant.  A collection of signatures that look like that weren't signed in a crowd of fans.

Thanks for your replys guys...

I have been studying u2graphs myself for quite a few years now, so I`m very familiar with them. I do agree with all of your points. and believe these are fake. But if so they are good forgeries. And I don`t like that the forgers` skills are getting this good. Honestly I think they would fool the majority of collectors with forgeries in this "league"...

If these are fakes they are a lot better than the Bush/MJ`ones that sold for millions in the last Juliens auction...

Agreed, it is unsettling.  He has Bono nailed down pretty well.  And where the other ones are flawed, it doesn't seem to be by that much.  

Have you been able to spot any problems in any of his other inventory?

I just had a quick look to see what he`s got, and he`s got a lot from the major artists. Really "Too good to be true".. My gut feeling says most are forgeries, but haven`t had time to study them as it`s nighttime here in Norway, and really I should have been sleeping now:P

But I hope people here on this site which are experts on different artists will go in and check out his inventory so we can get some opinions on his non-u2 stuff as well..

I looked at his signed AC/DC litho with "proof photo."  Yeah . . . all the lithograph images were nice & big.  The supposed proof photo was microscopic.  You can barely see what's going on.  Not helpful.

These don't pass the "money test" for me.  What I mean to say is I wouldn't buy these for any price.  I don't like any of the Larry autographs what so ever.  The Bono and Edge graphs are good but none of them scream "these are legit".  Just my gut feeling.  

I didn't like the Larrys either, but I had more trouble putting my finger on what was wrong (other than a couple of those one-stroke L's).

I wish it was easier to pinpoint what was wrong with each signature (especially Bono) rather than having to resort to the context of the other signatures and other U2 signed items he's offering.  It's a good thing they made more than one mistake.

Just sent link to My Chemical Romance signed drumhead to a friend of the band to verify.  I will chyme in once he gets back to me.  Looks like seller has way too many Dylan signatures as well.  I would think some of these items if legit would bring much higher prices too.

I got this signed on November 6, 1987 after spending the entire afternoon with U2 at a vintage guitar store that I managed in St. Paul. All but Larry were there. If I remember right, we sold Adam the single pickup Gibson Thunderbird that he's used ever since. We also sold Bono the red Gibson ES-335 that he used a few days later at an outdoor gig in San Francisco where he was cited for spray painting graffiti.  

This autograph is matted and framed and not completely flat, so there's a bit of glare under the glass - sorry. Edge was fine with signing it, Adam was probably the nicest rock star I ever met, but Bono didn't want to sign it. I remember at the time that people were saying he wasn't signing anything. He told me that he'd send me some autographs and I asked him if he could just sign this one here, so he did. It was an odd moment. He might not have liked it because Edge is on the cover and not him, but this is all I had - the South Park Bono episode comes to mind. I assure you it's authentic.




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