Who was at Laurel Canyon between 1970-1980? Who was discovered at The Troubadour Night Club and Other Night Clubs on The Strip During that time?

I am focusing my collection of autographs on the singer/songwriter's who lived in Laurel Canyon between 1970-80 and who were discovered on the West Hollywood sunset strip night clubs like The Troubadour and the Whiskey-A-Go-Go. Can anybody help me with this?

It's hard for me to figure out when a lot of the musicians who visited Laurel Canyon or played The Troub. were actually there. I'm interested in the periods between 1970 and 80. The thing is musicians came and left there all the time so it's hard to get a read on when they were really there. I'm trying to trace them to within a five year period.

 It's even hard to know which musicians were discovered at The Troubadour night club or other night clubs on The Strip and who was just visiting the club to play or be in the audience. The Troub has many alumni on their website but it doesn't say a lot about who, outside of the obvious musicians, were discovered there and signed to a record label as a result.
 I'll just keep reading more books on the subject and try to uncover information. I would be great to get information from you.  It would also be so cool to actually
talk to a musician or hanger-on who was actually there at the time. The other problem is everyone remembers events differently and time distorts the truth. I'm just going to have to keep learning and take my best guess as to which artists got their start during those
times. There a lots more canyons in the Hollywood area like Topanga Canyon. I'm not focusing on that scene. I want my collection to be specific to Laurel Canyon in a particular time...a time that created the singer/songwriter

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Join Mitchell.
Google Asylum records.


Topanga Canyon is nowhere near Laurel Canyon as it connects the Valley from Woodland Hills to Malibu. Not sure what the 2 canyons have to do with it? They say "some lived on laurel canyon", but that's code for "I don't know WTF I'm talking about. For instance, they say Richard Pryor played there. He lived on Parthenia Street. When he lit himself like a torch, and went for a run down Parthenia, he was found less than a block from us in Northridge near Hayvenhurst. Nowhere near Laurel Canyon. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. 

"Laurel Canyon" is best known for the biggest POLICE shootout in HISTORY at the Bank of America...Look it up!!!

Richard pryor had too much freebase.




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