I've had this stuck in my oddity box for a few years and was wondering. Outright fake? Secretarial? Or possibly real? Thanks..

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Hi Joe,

It is in one of his books, he says he never signed anything "Bill" but, that aside (he could be wrong), this looks nothing as it should IMO. I've never seen that "B" (or "Bill" for that matter), and I have never seen that "S". It does not appear his handwriting at all from what I have seen.


PS - that "T" in "to" - never saw that. Has anyone else seen a "Bill Shatner" signature? Or this handwriting?


Thanks, Eric. I knew it was an odd signature. Not sure how I came about this photo years ago but the "Bill" signature interested me. Just thought I would get some opinions as I've not followed Shatner signatures and knew you and others know his style quite well. Don't think it's a secretarial so wonder why someone would try to forge it this way? People always seem to amaze me!



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