Hi guys!! 

I had a question if these 2 balls I have included are real. I have no clue when it comes to Mays balls. His sig is hard for me to determine. 

Thanks  guys! 


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I like the first one. The second one, not sure.

Thanks John!! I wasn’t too sure about the 2nd one either 

You're welcome!

Here are two of my Mays autos. PSA/DNA


Nice pics! Thank yo I very much for sharing! 

You're welcome.

Here are a few autos to look for when you're looking at Mays. The first two IMGs are very good Willie Mays autographs. The last one are forgeries.


Thanks again John! You’ve been very helpful!

On the fence with this one. I think it looks good, but not entirely sure 


To my knowledge, I've never heard of any of the Mays autographs, with the "Say, hey" Hologram to be fake.

Although, to me, a piece of paper doesn't mean anything. Whether it's a JSA or PSA, SGC. If I don't like it, I'm not buying it.

Also, the wonderful, very knowledgeable people in here, who are always willing to help out with any questions regarding autographs.

I like it. They call that autograph "Fleece Mop" lol.


Thanks again!!


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