Your help with this program signed by Wayne Gretzky, Brett Hull and Paul Coffey in 1994 would be much appreciated! Do you think it's real or fake?

Thanks for helping!

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not as familiar with Coffey's, but the Gretzky and Hull don't look so hot to me.

Thank you Jason! Hopefully other members will help out too!
I will take a look at my signatures on Saturday. I have several of Gretzky and I have gotten Coffey and Hull in person many times. The one thing about Brett Hull is that he signs using both hands. I have seen him sign two items at the same time, one with each hand. I have them on helmets, pucks, and photo's.
Can't say for sure, looks sloppy but possibly authentic

That Paul Coffey signature is not real IMO..

It is way off the mark...

It's similar to some other vintage signatures of his, here's one.
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Damn Mike, you just made it more difficult! :-) That's a lot of similarities there!

I'll contact the seller and see if I can get some more info.

Thanks Mike!!
Here are a few photo's from my collection.
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Thank you Steve! Would love to see the whole Gretzky 802 photo if possible? Maybe you can send me a PM?

I'm a huge Gretzky and LA Kings fan, here's my favorite item in my collection if anyone's interested: http://live.autographmagazine.com/photo/la-kings-stanley-cup-winnin...
I will say this. Gretzky had a different signature in his early days, but changed to his more common style well before 1994, especially when he signed his contract with Upper Deck. My Coffey and Hull signatures on the helmets were from the mid 1990's, right around the same timeframe you are saying this photo was signed. Hull has some similarities and because he used either hand to sign, it could be good, but the Coffy is completely different.
Have you seen Mikes Paul Coffey autograph above? It has some similarities, at least to my untrained eye... :-)
I did just take a look and there are a few similarities. His matches mine a little closer though. Coffey is a little odd and not the nicest guy. I could see his signature being sloppy at times. Have you seen any others without his #77 added. Same this with Hull's signature without his number.



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