Would like to know your comments on this signed ticket

thank you 

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Personally, I have my doubts. The letters seem too rounded (loopy) and the second part of Marilyn looks atypical. Maybe it was rushed or written on an awkward surface but I'd be cautious. 

You might get more replies if you posted the image (second from left icon) and not just an attachment.

Thank you. Just added the photo

Saw this listed on eBay, not sure if it’s still there. It’s authenticated by JSA, in my opinion it looks good and typical for a MM but would like to know what others think. 

What did you see on eBay? Link? Or do you mean the ticket?

Yes, that is real. Nice! 

Thank you! Any idea which year it might come from? I suppose I can check on the ticket too. 

I would think at least 1955 but it reminds me of 58 and onwards.

No date on the ticket? 

Thanks. No there is no date on the ticket only the numbers you see in the photo :)

You can research the flight and airline and Monroe's schedule possibly. Nearly every day of her life is accounted for in the various books. It might pin down a time. This is similar to other examples I have on file. 

haha, don't think I could manage to find out which date, just thought it i can try to find out which year based on the ticket model. thanks.

Just to explain my caution, here is my in-person Monroe from October 1956. It was signed in London before the Royal Film Performance of that year. A whole lot less legible and smooth. In this case the large loops in the second "M" can only be seen as indents in the paper.

Nice! You got it signed in person? That’s crazy!!!

Since it’s signed on a ticket I would guess monroe was asked by a passenger and signed it in rush maybe?



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