Hi everyone!

I have been offered these by a seller who claims that his cousin got these nirvana autographs in 1992 when he worked as a stage builder in Stockholm. I asked him if his cousin really saw them sign and explained that most of these kind of "thank you" autographs handed out to people are often fake and signed by the crew. But the seller claims that his cousin saw them sign this exact photo and he will include a written letter from the cousin with all the details plus a photo of him next to Cobain from the time of the signing (not showing the exact signing...).

This sounds like a classic case of "if it sounds to good to be true...", but wanted to hear with you first.

These also looks A LOT different compared to the 100% genuine ones that Bjarne Soderholm got at the same time:

Thanks for helping!

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I lightened the photos to take a closer look and these are not right at all.

I would stay away my friend!

No surprise to hear that, I just wanted to get my suspicions confirmed.

Thank you as always my friend!!

I still have my signed 'Heart Shaped Box' CD left if you are interested?

The seller were in desperate need of cash, so these would have been a bargain if real. Yes I know, "if it sounds to good to be true..." but I just wanted to ask you knowledgable guys before turning him down...

So unfortunally I´m sure your is to pricey for me right now, since it´s a genuine one and priced accordingly... :-) You have very fair prices my friend, but if I stop dreaming this is a set of autographs that are out of my pricerange for now!

But it would be interesting if you could make a new list at the Buy/Sell section with what you have left to sell!!

You are always welcome!



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