First signature is the holy Grail of The wizard of Oz movie signatures. Clara Blandick. Poor lady committed suicide in her eighties. Fourth signature is Hattie McDaniel. She is probably my favorite of all the signatures. First black man or woman to be nominated and also the first to win an Oscar. Best supporting actress in her role as Mammy in, Gone With the Wind. She was the first black woman to sing on the radio and the first black woman to have her own radio program, Beulah. The character of the black woman Beulah was originally played by a white man. You can't make this stuff up... This award brought with it unexpected problems for her personally. She was shunned by some blacks who thought she was caught up in the white world when in reality she sat way in the back at the award show even though it was already known she had won and had to have special permission to be present and given the award. What an incredible lady and what a downright shame for her to be treated that way. When she died after all the work that she did, she was broke. She requested two things and that was to be buried in a particular cemetery and for her award to go to Brown University. She was denied her request to be buried because of her skin color and her award was valued as worthless by the appraiser who went through her things after her death. The award evidently made its way to that school but was lost and its whereabouts, as far as I know, are still unknown. The single name Dolores belongs to Mrs.Bob Hope.

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