Florence Henderson Passed Away -- And I want to talk about Bobcat Goldthwait Instead

When I heard Florence Henderson died this morning, it was right before I was set to go on the radio and do my movie reviews for the weekend. I mentioned how The Brady memory serves (I only saw it once in 1991), Mrs. Brady wakes up after a one-night stand. Her make-up is smeared, and she passes out on the bathroom floor. Bobcat wakes up and goes to use the restroom. Since that’s where she’s passed out, he just does his business right over here. And that’s how Mr. Goldthwait ruined Carol Brady for me forever.

When I was doing morning radio in the ‘90s, I got to interview Bobcat. I told him how much I loved Shakes, and he said something like “At least somebody did.”

He was giving me a hard time for wearing a Doors T-shirt, and he gave me more grief when I came out of a U2 song I played on the air, and talked about his great routine about U2. He said, “What? You want me to just do my bit on the air right now?”

There was silence, and I was embarrassed, not realizing how I was asking him to do part of his stand-up on the air.

I had seen him do stand-up multiple times, and he always kills.

When I saw him a few years ago at a small city outside San Diego (Ramona), he joked about how there were only 45 people in the crowd, and 28 of them were his guests.

Yet there was a guy in the front row with one of his Police Academy DVDs he wanted autographed. From the stage, Bobcat said he’d sign it after the show.

Since some fans lined up for autographs, I went over to have him sign my ticket stub. I gave him a little crap, for the times he gave me crap on the air. We had a good laugh about it, and he was a great guy. I told him I was a movie critic, and he told me about the latest movie that he was finishing up. It was called God Bless America. My friend Andy claims it’s the funniest movie he’s seen in a decade. And with what we experienced in this last election, I think you should seek that one out, too.

So, back to Florence Henderson. She passed away today, at 82. She had a terrific career, all based on a sitcom that ran a mere five years. It lead to Dancing with the Stars, a Pepsi commercial with Ozzy Osbourne, a cooking show, and having a successful career in Hollywood. All based on playing a lovable TV mom.

Bobcat Goldthwait is a comedic genius. His routines were funny and thought provoking. I’m sure everyone saw the crazy humor he brought to the Bill Murray movie Scrooged, and some of his other parts in film. But if you get a chance to see him do stand-up live, you should.

For all you autograph collectors, he always seems to make himself available after the show.

Let’s support a talent that probably doesn’t have 1/10th the money Florence Henderson made from The Brady Bunch alone -- yet he’s got more talent than most of your favorite stand-ups.

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Comment by Robert Babb on December 17, 2016 at 11:02am

good story josh!


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