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Found something great for MLB autographs!

Recently while I was browsing on fleabay, I came across a guy who says he was the first Creative Director at Upper Deck from 1989-1992. It seems he squirreled away numerous sets of 1991 and 1992 Upper Deck Heroes Of Baseball Commemorative Sheets that were originally given out as SGAs at baseball games. Upper Deck produced a lot of these individually numbered promotional sheets, mostly as SGAs, throughout the 1990's. But these 1991 and 1992 sheets are hands down the cream of the crop IMO because the artwork is so amazing. And they were produced on high quality card stock so after 30+ years they show no sign of yellowing or discoloration.

Beyond being aesthetically beautiful, they are fantastic for getting autographed. Most of them featured five different former players, a combination of HOFers and players who were good but not at the HOF level. I'm going to send a lot of these out for TTM requests. Although a number of the players who were alive then have sinced passed, quite a few were recently retired at the time these sheets were produced and are still alive and signing TTM today.

Best of all, this guy is selling them as a lot of 40 different sheets in mint condition for only $18! With several dozen of these players still living, that gives me a lot of really nice product to use for autographs at a very inexpensive cost. 

Now for the bad. This gentleman apparently has had minimal experience selling online and packaging. With my shipment he just put the sheets in a big brown unpadded envelope loose with no protection whatsoever. Fortunately for me, USPS was kind to me this time and I got them with no significant damage. I sent the guy a polite message after receiving them explaining that he needed to do more when shipping than just throw them loose in an envelope. His response was very apologetic and he said he would take my suggestions and ship them in a priority box with extra padding from now on. So if anybody reading this should purchase a set, I would definitely recommend reminding him about using more protective shipping.

I don't want to go afoul of any rules here so I'm not posting a link but if you do a search for 40 different upper deck hob sheets that should bring the listing right up. I want to emphasize that I have no connection to this seller other than purchasing from him and sending him a message about improving his packaging. I know there are TTM collectors on this site who enjoy sending for autographs from legendary baseball players, so I thought I'd share. 




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Comment by Steve Cyrkin, Admin on March 11, 2024 at 2:46pm

That's quite nice. Great find!


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