Movie star George Clooney continues to earn his title as one of Autograph magazine's 10 Best Hollywood Signers. Below is a report from the 34th Toronto International Film Festival where Clooney was promoting his newest film, "Up in the Air."

Monday, September 14, 2009
By Barbara Vancheri, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

TORONTO -- Even with a bandaged hand, George Clooney is master of the autograph mambo.

It goes like this: Sign and step, and sign and step, and pivot at the end of the line and sprint across the street and repeat. When passers-by had heard that Clooney was coming to a theater on the campus of Ryerson University on Saturday night, they stopped in their tracks. As one woman could be heard telling her husband, who was wrangling two small children, "It's George Clooney. We have to stay." So they did and Clooney was the first big name on the scene for "Up in the Air."

Sarah Adam, 22, a fourth-year (or what we call a senior) dance major at the university, was studying on campus when she heard Clooney was due. She and friend Ellery Swinkels, a sociology major and also 22, made a dash for the line with Sarah producing an H&M bag for the actor to sign and Swinkels unearthing a scrap of paper from her purse. When it fluttered across the metal barricade, Clooney chivalrously picked it up, scribbled his name and moved on.

After signing another girl's hand with his own trusty marker, he thought better of repeating the exercise and demurred when asked by another fan for similar treatment. Not good for the skin, he said, sounding a bit like his old "ER" doc but grayer and far better dressed in a signature dark suit and shirt.

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