I need help on finding out info about the New York Knicks!

      For many years I have went to many pacers games and have tried to get many in person autographs and have gotten guys like Deron Williams, Chris Bosh, LaAMrcus Aldridge, and many other nba stars. I am not a big fan on going to the hotel because I did not use to be in to collecting like I am now. There are a couple guys that I grew up idolizing. The New York knicks have two of those guys; Jason Kidd and Carmelo Anthony. I never have gone to the hotels in seeking of an autograph, but for those two guys I am willing to go there. My question is, What hotel do they stay at in Indy? An article on marketplace.org that was posted during the lockout said that the 23 of the 29 nba teams have a contract with the conrad hotel. I have tried to do research to find out if they are one of those teams or not. If anyone has any idea please tell me! I am not one of those people who goes to the hotels for every game I just want info about the Knicks. This is my last chance to get them before I go off to college so please someone help me out. If you do not want to post this information publicly I would really appreciate it if you could just post it on my profile or send me an email. 


Patrick Jaggers

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