John Lennon Signature Sells for $12,000

I saw a quick blurt on Showbiz Tonight on CNN yesterday...they said a magazine signed by John Lennon sold for $12,000. That's a bit steep for a Lennon signature, but it is the magazine in which he's quoted as saying The Beatles are more popular than Jesus (for those young folks, after Lennon said this, a lot of protests were staged and burning of Beatles albums took place).

Lennon then held a press conference for the idiots of the world, explaining: I never said we were better than Jesus. I said we were more popular.

He went on explaining the statement a bit further, but to religious nuts, I'm sure it did little good.

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Comment by Josh Board on September 18, 2009 at 3:37pm
Nice. I love the Turin joke. Let me clarify what I mean by "religious nuts". If you go to church every day of the week, and you live and breathe you're religion, that is fine by me. BUT, once you start preaching to everyone around you, OR, not understanding a simple statement, I consider you a "religious nut". Just the act of going to church (even if daily) doesn't qualify you in this category (in my mind). Because, THOSE religious nuts that got so mad at Lennon that they burned his albums, weren't even properly understanding what he said. It's the equivalent of saying that LeBron James is more popular than Ghandi or Mother Theresa. You are not saying James is a better person. You are merely stating that, the degree of "fame", among young people especially, is one that would make this person more "famous" then that person.

Now, the weird thing I always thought about Lennons statement was probably inaccurate. I mean, at the height of Beatlemania, you show everyone on the planet, a picture of Lennon. And a picture of Jesus...which one do you think will be recognized more? I'm guessing Jesus.

Even Yoko Ono, claims to not have known who John Lennon was when she met him at her gallery. So there!

Now...the Shroud of Turin would probably sell for a lot of money. But, something that would sell for slightly less: I have a piece of toast I burned this morning. And I noticed it had the image of Jesus on it. Highest bidder takes it (I can't guarantee the burned parts that make up his beard won't be damaged in transport)
Comment by Robert Babb on September 18, 2009 at 7:24pm
I remember Whitney Houston once said she was bigger than the beatles record sales wise . Maybe someone can sell her autograph for six thousand?
Comment by Josh Board on September 18, 2009 at 10:18pm
My friend just sent me an email about this Lennon story. Apparently, he signed his name, with the middle initial "C" even though his middle name was "Winston." Bizarre.
Yeah, Robert, I always hate when stats like that come out. Because they really don't mean a lot. They'll talk about some movie that made more than any other movie opening weekend. But who really cares? Or, do they take into account that some single can make more than any other single ever...but people can now buy JUST THAT ONE SONG on the internet for $.99 or $1.99? Whereas, in the old days, you had to buy the 45 or 33 (album) to get it.


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