The Word is Getting Out About Bad Sellers

hi steve....i believe this is the first i have communicated with you as i am quite new to this site. just would like to let all know i believe the word is getting out about bad sellers.  there was a seller who's auction ended last nite.  of the 447 top name items he was selling 23 actually sold. it appears more work has to be done but pretty good. the name of this seller is rosssandlab. it really bothers me that this guy is only 20 miles from me here in canada but i guess they are all over. anyway i was glad to see this garbage still sitting there for sale.   imagine a walt disney starting at 5.00.  what a joke. thanks steve and love the is somewhere to let off steam.      carl.

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Comment by Steve Cyrkin Community Mgr. on February 13, 2012 at 10:06am

Hi Carl,

Thanks for blogging. I agree, the word is getting out. Not strongly enough, not to enough people, but it is. I took a look at his listings...he's also offering Picasso drawings with an $8 opening bid. Sometimes it's almost as much the buyer's fault if they don't use some common sense.

Comment by carl cripps on February 14, 2012 at 3:55am

you know what steve, lets take a look again at this guys feedback when these items start arriving at destinations. i think it will be quite interesting.  when i saw buyers actually bidding on the dolly parton item it sure makes one wonder.  you are so right some buyers do not use common sense. i suppose when most find out they have been ripped off it will turn them against the hobby and that is a shame.  hopefully it will teach them to do their i know i went through the same thing at beginning and have a few bad items to show. i guess the bottom line is to keep exposing these criminals and in the end who knows.    carl.


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