I did a blog the other day about a game worn jersey I had of Tom Brady that's for sale. I was merely making a joke, because if you hadn't heard...during the Super Bowl, and the celebration the Patriots were having, somebody swiped quarterback Tom Brady's jersey from his locker. There's video of him telling the owner (Kraft), and he says, "I'll probably pop up online." (or something to that affect).

If somebody stole the game worn jersey, of perhaps the greatest quarterback of all a game that was and will be, the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history...they certainly have a valuable piece of memorabilia. But it would be like trying to steal the Mona Lisa after stealing it from the Louvre. You'd be arrested the first time you tried selling it. So perhaps this will just be a nice keepsake for the person that nicked it.

And in other theft news...memorabilia from Kobe Bryant's high school career have been taken from a display case at the former Lakers school near Philadelphia. I have to think if they were on display at a high school, it wasn't the most secure situation. And if memory serves, his parents were trying to make a pretty penny by originally auctioning that stuff, and Kobe had to sue his own parents [side note: his dad Joe "jellybean" Bryant used to play for the SAN DIEGO Clippers...and as a kid I got his autograph numerous times, and loved watching them play to an empty sports arena].

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Comment by G01ch on February 8, 2017 at 3:08am
Hi Josh, I was going to reply to your PM but thought it'd be better here. I currently don't have any BBall autos but hoping for a Wilt Chamberlain or Pete Maravich sometime soon. I would love to hear your stories about both those incredible guys.


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