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One of the nicest pieces of NASCAR autograph history I have authenticated in a while

Started by Brandon Mysinger. Last reply by Barry S Jan 15. 5 Replies

Each day, I am asked to look at dozens of items for authentication. Usually, it's the typical items that we are used to seeing here. Every once in a while, I get sent an item that makes me say…Continue

Dale Earnhardt Sr. Signature

Started by Alaine Randall. Last reply by michael bartow Jun 16, 2014. 1 Reply

I just bought this at a garage sale today for $10. I just was hoping to authenticate the signature or find out a great place to go for authentications. I'm pretty sure the signature is newer than the…Continue

Dale Sr on the back window of my pace car

Started by craig duhon Feb 14, 2014. 0 Replies

Ok trying to find out if this is real.. if so it would be cool.. one picture is from the inside of the Pace car where the tint preserved to signature that was on the out side,, And the other is on…Continue

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Comment by Jeffery Kite on December 30, 2014 at 9:05pm

Got this nice Jamie McMurray in the mail today. 529 day wait.

Comment by wjfranz (Bill Franz) on October 13, 2014 at 6:40pm

Finally getting around to adding some of my adds from Chicagoland.

Comment by Alex Westgerdes on September 1, 2014 at 9:22pm

Last Wednesday was the Fanfest for the US Nationals that were held in Indy this past weekend.  I was able to get 33 different handouts signed, 1 poster (Andrew Hines does not have handouts, only posters, and two diecasts.

First, the diecasts..

2013 1/24 Traxxas Funny Car signed by Courtney Force

20018 1/24 US Army Salute the Troops signed by Tony Schumacher--ny first signed Top Fuel car.

I did get a few old John Force handouts signed, but this one signed by everyone but Ashley Force Hood (who was not in town yet) was the talk f the session:

And the Andrew Hines signed poster:

Thanks for looking, Alex

Comment by michael bartow on August 15, 2014 at 10:54am

got back from Watkins glen on early tues morning and believe me it was good to be home. don't ask me how the nascar drivers do it but man to do back to back is hard and I don't have to travel far to go to watkins or pocono. out of all the diecasts I brought got everything signed except 2 and those were austin dillion and a dale Jr. this past weekend got Newman, Edwards, harvick, stenhouse, dale jarrett, brad k, logano, kurt busch, almirola, The king petty. all in all I got all the diecast I brought except 2 and those were a matt kenseth car and dale jr. Oh next yr at pocono for those 2. I will upload the bounty for the 2 races soon and yes I did take photo's with the people signing it since I did have a free hand this time for the autographs.

Comment by michael bartow on August 5, 2014 at 12:38pm
Well folks I'm back from Pocono and going to repack on wed to head to the glen for another round of Nascar. I was 2 for 3 this yr getting a drivers autograph and that person winning the race on Sunday. I got Jr for the first Pocono, Juan FINALLY for the Indy race and well I got robbed on getting tickets for Victory Circle so I wasn't able to get Jr this time and he did the sweep. All in all I got some autographs the whole weekend. On thurs was able to get Brad K, Martin Truex Jr, Biffle, McMurray. On Fri no autographs since I mostly try and take photo's of the cars on track to get autographs. On sat got the ward family (Jeb and Ward). Logano, Todd (the Onion) Bodine, Childress and Austin on a Photo of mine, Reed Sorenson, Travis Kavapil, Dale Jarrett, Denny Hamlin FINALLY on a photo I took, Joey Coulter. Sunday I went 3 for 3 with drivers. Got Kurt, Kyle Larson and Aric Almirola. I might have forgotten some and once I get back I'll upload the bounty with pictures for the most of the drivers who signed.
Comment by michael bartow on July 13, 2014 at 4:38pm

Why yes fred I have. even if I have a photo showing the driver signing the chances of me getting oh lets say 150 or better is not going to happen. Unless you have a prototype, retired/dead driver, or a rare car forget getting anything more the $100.00 unless your like brandon who may also get the team owner or crew chief to sign it. and believe me I was only able to get pat tryson to sign a kurt diecast a couple of yrs ago at the stocks for tots thing and I almost had to BEGGGG on my knee's for it. he really didn't want to sign it. Have a look on ebay now and your going to run the gamit of people with and without a photo. The thing is going back to the photo thing. with some of the diecast/trading cards the driver is asked by lionel/action/team caliber/ press pass to autograph certain items and distribute into the population. the thing is non and I say again non come with a photo. even the hero cards you send for don't even come with a photo so a secretary could sign it and nobody would even know. Even a rusty wallace 8x10 photo I got many many yrs ago on QVC when they used to have for race fans only I only got a slip of paper saying your in possesion of a autographed 8x10 photo of rusty. Now with that said his signiture then compared to what he signs now and belive me its like night and day. he used to sign his whole name out. now its not even a full name. more along the lines of brad K signiture of today. that is why even with a photo drivers change their hand writing style to fit how they are able to sign many autographs for people

Comment by PICTURE PROOF AUTOGRAPHS on July 10, 2014 at 7:38am

You said that you have sold an autographed diecast on Ebay that didn't have a photo. If you had 2  Dale Sr. autographed diecast, one with a picture of him signing and one without, and sold them both on Ebay. Don't you think there would be a big difference in price for what they would sell for?

You are right, the Dale Jr. autograph that I have is different than how he signs today. He put # 3 next to his name. Now if I did not have the picture to prove that he signed that diecast, his autograph might be in question because maybe he only signed that way just once and decided he didn't like signing that way. Authenictors are like gods who decide what autographes lives ard dies. But unfortunatly they are human to, being human, they can and have made mistakes by saying that a forgery is real, and that a real autograph is a fake. I think that a photo of the moment of a person signing just helps clarifies that it is.

I know that I have said alot of negativity about authenicators, but in the most part, I think they and Autograph Magazine does a great job in policing the industry.

This has just been a subject that I have wanted to get out in the open and hopfully will help any other collector that will read this. It has been great to talk to a fellow collector, Michael!! I wish you the best of luck on any future signings in your collection!!!   This isn't my first rodeo      



Comment by michael bartow on July 9, 2014 at 4:02pm

Yeah but fred I don't have the luxury of Hot passes for nascar like you appearently have had. The only autographs I get are the ones that I can get from the drivers down on pit road prior to qualifying or on sunday if the driver happens to want to sign so its a crap shoot for me. so if that driver happens to be like oh like mark martin he flyes his butt down the line and before you even have a chance to take the photo hes already down the line.  I have things down to a science with taking photo's and believe me in this day and age its better with a digital you don't have to wind it like a disposable is. I've been collecting autographs for the last 9 yrs of drivers so I know all about what I should do and not do. I do have some with photo's and some without. And, I have sold some on ebay without a photo and again nobody questions my authenticity of the item. If I'm unable to get a photo I give a detailed explaination when, where and what was going on. be its after a race, practice or even if that person is just playing around (ie not doing anything). Thats why I say this is not my first rodeo and if you look at your old Jr signings I bet they won't even be close to todays Dale Jr autographs you see today.

Comment by PICTURE PROOF AUTOGRAPHS on July 9, 2014 at 3:25pm

I never said that taking a picture of the signer signing is easy. In fact, it takes a whole lot of planning, coordination, and practice. it is like a dance that you have to practice over and over again. I have learned to carry 2 camerias just in case one was out of film, how to walk backwards as the driver is signing walking forward, how to rubber band 2 diecast together on the hopes that the signer would sign 2 cars instead of just one, figure out where the driver I am looking for has to walk to get from his hauler to the drivers meeting. It just depends on how much effort the collector is willing to put into his collection.

Yes I have been to many Indy, Nascar, NHRA, and even Monster Truck races. I know how hectic it can be carrying around a big bag fulled with heavy diecast in 95 degree weather, get sweaty, sunburn and tired chasing drivers around.

About forges, well, most of the time, I  use 35 mm camerias so I can develope the film, then cut the negitive strips so I can tape the apporiate negitive to it's picture. The picture is then placed with it's signed item. so if I were to sell, you would get the item, the autograph, the picture, the negetive, and a C.O.A. ( because these days anybody can make a C.O.A.) stating what the item is, when and where it was signed at.

Items that are signed with no pictures, I have a large carton that is filled with them. Maybe my cameria only had 1 picture left on it when I needed 3, at least twice I have dropped my cameria and over  24 pictures were exposed, the battteries just decided to give out at the time I needed them the most. I have the boxed mark "Dead Autographs". No picture, no real proof of the moment of actual signing.

I belong to a couple of facebook diecast clubs (Nascar Diecast Collection, Nascar Diecast group ) and I am amazed how many collectors fell that it is acceptable to get autographes without a picture, in person or sent away diecast

Collecting diecast is one form of collectting. But what most diecast collectors don't realize is that when they cross over that fine line of collectting autographed diecast. You have now entered a whole new realm of collectting with a whole different set of rules of grading and authenticity that is filled full with forges and greed.

Most likely, a authenticator will never tell you that the best way to authenticate a autograph is to take a picture while the item is being signed, That is because why would they take food out of their own mouths. For every autographed signed without a photo, in the future, it will have to be authenicated sometime. 

If you look at authenticators listed in P.S.A. . you will see that all their authenicators have once or are still are collectors of whatever autograph field that they are in. That being said, I have a question, When they themselfs obtain a autograph for their own collection, Who authenicates their autographes? they themselfs ( a conflict of interest ) or another co-worker ( still a conflict of interest ) and that has already been stated on this board. These days, almost anybody can self-proclaim that they are a expert in authenicatting autographs. If a authenticator find a item that he whats for his own collection, will he low ball the price of the item for he can hope to obtain it himself? Thats why with so much money up for grabs in the autograph industry, even some C.O.A.s aren't worth the paper that it is printed on.

I don't and never did consider myself a export of collecting autographs, but now I see authenticators that have less experience than I do, are.

 I brouht this subject up for the new comers that are entering the autograph collectting world so they can make the most out their collections.

So Please, Take a photo of the signer, signing every autograph that you are lucky enough to abtain and/or Collect how ever makes you happy!!!!FRED

Comment by michael bartow on July 8, 2014 at 8:46pm

I understand what your saying Brandon. But,  for someone to say well unless its got a photograph to go with it its fake is like I said before well I could forge a harvick or even a johnson signiture lets say on the same diecast in the photo and guess what from Fred's analogy he would say oh its real even though like you said its a fake. That is why I offered a rebutal to his thought.


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