I really need some opinions with this one and wasn't sure if I should photograph each signature individually or how I just photographed pieces of the ball.  Anyways take a look please.  I'm simply wondering if it's worth having it authenticated?







I can provide any pictures needed beyond this point.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Two questions I have.  This ball has a signature of Dave Rozema and John Wockenfuss.  Both of these players were not with the 1968 team, but the late 70’s and early 80’s.  The signature was fit in with the others and makes it suspicious.  Also, I didn’t see any of the key players like Kaline, Cash, Horton, Freehan, etc.  

I too notice the missing players and bringing to light the other signatures surely gives suspision as to I don't have any information about the ball other than what's on it.  I'm glad I  asked about it and appreciate your input.

No problem.  If being sold as a 1968 signed Detroit Tigers baseball, it is not.  


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