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Innuendo is the man for this. I'm hoping the letter is not real because he certainly wasn't as illiterate as that....

That is a reprint of the original letter and yes, Freddie did make a grammar mistake. The original came from his "husband" Jim Hutton. Jim showed it to us at a convention in the 1990s, it's also a typical example of Freddie's handwriting. Since he passed away in 2010, Jim's family sold many of the signed items from Freddie. The original however is in light blue ink. 

The Freddie in gold is likely not genuine. 

Not a problem my friend. Always happy to help

Yep. Melina is the nickname Freddie went by with friends. 

Jim showed me a number of signed items from Freddie (Valentine's day cards, birthday card etc) but this one doesn't ring a bell. It is Freddie's handwriting and sense of humor (Elizabeth the 1st lol) but I would have seen it before if it were a reprint, so I'm confident this one is fine. 


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