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Anyone know if this is a legit 2 Pac auto?

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Look at this from RR


The low image quality reveals a copy. This is a forgery.

I can see the writing being a forgery but never heard of anyone copying a polaroid photo

I have. It is obviously a degenerated copy photo = look at the poor color and lack of detail.

Can you show me a example of a copied polaroid? The only way would be to take a pic of the polaroid with a polaroid camera 

And you have took a pic of the original polaroid you would see the borders. Here's the back and better pic

Hi, Joey. Apart from the fact that the 2Pac sig is blatantly off, the original Polaroid went on bankruptcy back in 2011-12. The new company known as "Polaroid" emerged from a group of former workers who bought the last remaining factory in Amsterdam and continue to manufacture Polaroid paper. This lack of budget, together with the fact that many chemical components that participated in the original development of the photo are now illegal in the EU, the quality of the current film is 80% lower than in the Polaroid products of the 80-90-early 2000s. Therefore, as for the quality, for me in this case we are without a doubt facing one of the new films made post-2011.

On the matter on how to copy a Polaroid? Check THIS -it's one of the most recent modern Polaroid products-. What does it do? It lets you print photos from your phone on typical Polaroid film. You can imagine the rest.

Hope to have helped!


So there are numbers on the back. 

I was suspicious the moment I saw it which is why I searched the image. The color and the odd white border blip on the right were very suggestive.

It also appears distorted and perhaps cropped.


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