Before I start my question, I just want to say thank you to the folks on this forum. After the reading various posts here, I realized that the learning curve on verifying authenticity is far steeper than I ever could have thought. I learned a great deal about my own naivety as well. 

My question has to do with the ebay link below. My wife is a big journey fan and I thought a signed pick would be a great gift. After joining here and reading how a psa letter and cert really don't mean that much in terms of a guarantee, I was wondering if any of you guys had a legit autograph to compare. The seller seems solid (100% positive feedback over a few years) but I am left doubting. Thanks in advance for any input or guidance. 


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Hello and Welcome.

I suggest going to and searching for Journey. There are three nicer items there and the seller is Music Authenticator Roger Epperson. Better prices as well.

Thank you!! I will check them out.

real but expansive

Thank you. May I ask, is there a place to go to see what similar items might have sold for?. 

Again, thanks!


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