Dear all

This album was supposed to be singed at a record store signing in 1978. I'm not confident that it's real?

Opinions from members that know more of AC/DC than I do are most welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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Other than missing Phil, the classic line-up is there - and it looks legit to me.

Many thanks Jim. I agree with you!

I did learn that Phil didn't feel good at the time of the recordstore signing. That's why he is missing. I got this from several sourses. I also got a picture from another collector who attended the same singing. He did get a set that look very nice and similar to the original post. Please see below.

That's awesome. It helps with provenance, too.

I really dig the Bon line-up of the band; they were hungry and genuinely cared about their fans. Signings like above were welcome, not feared, lol!

Possibly real IMO.



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