Alan Lee Signed Books, Fall of Numenor+ Deluxe, Sketchbooks

Four signed books by Alan Lee available. Both the deluxe Slipcased and normal editions of the new Fall of Numenor. Lord of the rings and the hobbit sketchbooks also available signed.

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Worth noting that the signed sketchbooks are unlikely to be first edition first printings. 

Nice. Ltd editions already gone - can't find another supplier yet.

Available at Topping Company for £85 (£10 over RRP) + free shipping.

A few more places might pop up with the deluxe edition over the course of the next few days but nothing certain. Also worth noting that Topping do increase their prices eventually if the books sell for more on the second hand market.

Great - just a bit concerned that although they are showing a picture of the deluxe edition the description states signed first edition - they wouldn't already be charging 85 for that, surely?

Their listings are always accurate to what you see. As the deluxe edition and the standard edition have released simultaneously I'm guessing the deluxe edition is considered to be the first edition. If not, then it will be a first print of the deluxe edition.

Unfortunately they do occasionally bump the price up of signed books that are yet to release. Occasionally they have no price and ask you to contact them for a quote if it's particularly valuable (e.g. signed haruki murakami books). Not sure how it doesn't affect their relationship with publishers.


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