Allen Iverson Signed Basketball Authenticity and help reading inscription.

Hi All,

I recently acquired this ball at a local flea market as an unknown signed basketball.  After a little research I believe the autograph is Allen Iverson with his # 3 and a little scribble which I've been unable to decipher..  My guesses are HOF or MVP but I've not been able to find another image online with a comparable "scribble". 

What I'm hoping to determine is: is it an authentic Iverson autograph and what is the undecipherable (at least to me) "scribble?  The "inscription" is best viewed in the second image on the lower right. Any help or comments would be appreciated and please feel free to ask questions.  Thanks for looking.

Regards, Bill 

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I got Iverson in person during his first pre season game, rookie year.  He struggled with his writing and spelling.  The signature is similar to kind, but it is so simple to copy, who knows for sure.  The inscription you are asking about appears to be his # sign relating to his number 3.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for looking.  Just the fact that I didn't buy it as an autographed ball is a good sign to me.  It was just in with a bunch of basketballs so nobody was trying to fool me.  Also I'd not thought of the scribble being a #.  That makes a lot of sense.  Actually I found out it was a potential Iverson signature by searching on NBA HOF players with the number 3.




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